Roots of South Los Angeles Wellness Center 

Our Mission 

Our mission is to center the healing of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities by providing culturally traditional and holistic mental health and wellness services.  Roots of South Los Angeles Wellness Center will provide a brave and inclusive space to mobilize community empowerment through wellness, education and advocacy.  


Wellness Workshops
Womxn of Color Healing Circle 
Speaking Engagements
Resources Tabling

Wellness Workshops*

(*Please note that we are currently NOT accepting applications for Wellness Workshops. We will resume taking applications on or after August 2021).

We understand the challenges that many organizations face when working with underserved and marginalized communities. Our hope is that our workshops will provide a safe space to discuss the needs of staff, provide support to decrease burnout/stress, develop healthy work-related coping skills and increase overall work-related wellness.  If interested in having Roots facilitate a workshop at your agency please fill out our Workshop Request Form and email it to us at


Womxn of Color Healing Circle

A gathering intended to support the process of healing emotional wounds through sisterhood and holistic approaches to overall wellness.  Please view our events section for more detailed information.    


Speaking Engagements & Resource Tabling

If you are interested in having us participate in a speaking engagement or table please email us at to discuss further.    


Contact Us

You can reach us via email for any inquires.  However, if you are having a psychiatric crisis contact The Department of Mental Health ACCESS Center at (800) 854-7771 or 911 for any psychiatric emergencies. 

Thanks for submitting! Please note: As a small 2 person, volunteer-run non-profit, and as an anti-capitalist organization, we center rest and therefore usually respond to emails within 5-7 business days.